The Girls as Chicks (Video)

Came across this while clearing out my photos and videos of the girls. This is a short video I took after I cleaned out the small brood box in the laundry room and put in fresh wood shaving.The girls are about 3 weeks old here. Luanne can be heard talking to the girls, trying to give them names.
Ed Rovera

The Story of "The Girls", Part 4

Almost there, folks; just a little more to do on the coop and then I moved the girls in. To hold the bricks in place, my nephew and I laid sand on the floor. I’m also going to be building a complete chicken house inside the coop so I needed to set the pedestals and make the base frame for that before I could actually bring the birds in.

Once that was done, the girls moved in! From left to right in the photo are Cinder, Chowder, Henna, Goldie, Marge, and Roxie.

Ed Rovera

The Story of "The Girls", Part 3

Okay, with the able assistance of my brother-in-law, Jerry Livermore, I finally got my coop built. The mesh it came with was way too flimsy to keep our local raccoons and coyotes out, so I switched over to ½” square galvanized rabbit wire. To further thwart predators and rats, I wrapped the rabbit wire all the way around, including the floor, and sewed the seams with 18-gauge steel wire. I also modified the door to reduce the size of the gaps. This should reduce the ability of rats to enter the enclosure and eat the chicken feed. (The little bastards had a field day while the girls were in the garage.) To further rat proof the coop, I gathered up all the various old bricks I had lying around and put them in the coop as a floor. And, yes, Bonnie and Clyde were my building inspectors


Ed Rovera